“Coach Greene is always 100% locked in with our workouts and each individual player. He takes the time to know each player and always has a positive attitude everyday to get us all motivated in the weight room and on the court. He also makes sure we are eating healthy, maintaining our weight, stretching before and after workouts and also providing great recovery shakes for after lifting sessions. Personally I gained 30 lbs of muscle and increased my vertical jump from the time i was working with Coach Greene. He was a huge help the 2 years I attended Stony Brook and also moving forward into my professional career.”

– Junior Saintel
Professional Basketball Player

“Coach Greene put the time in with me and our team every day to make sure we were prepared and at full health for every game/contest. Coach would help with my recovery and go above and beyond to do extra stretching and exercises to make sure I was ready to go every day, which was important during a rigorous collegiate season. Coach was always there for anything I needed to maximize my performance.”

– Lucas Woodhouse
Professional Basketball Player

“I’ve had the honor of working with George for over ten years and despite all my travels in professional sports there is no one like him in the business. What separates George from other trainers is he knows what it takes to become the best version of your self. He can relate and develop professional strength programs so efficiently because he does not recommend something he hasn’t tried and tested himself. As a professional athlete, knowing your trainer truly understands what your going through creates an infectious environment. You can feel his commitment and feed off his energy.

His vast knowledge of being able to create the right program for your sport is unparalleled to other trainers. He understands that everyone has different needs and can personalize a program to best obtain your goals. Still to this day I come to George every few months to critique and manipulate my works outs because I know the results he will yield. George also understands that with hard work a proper nutritional mandate must follow. He has written countless diets for me down to the last ounce of each serving. George personally taught me propper nutrition and how much more efficient and beneficial your work becomes with correct diets.

George’s work ethic is incomparable, he exudes passion and there is no one I trust more.”

– Tim Melia
MLS Veteran Goal Keeper
2015 MLS Comeback player of the year
2017 MLS Defensive Player of the year

“Before my time at UMass I always had a passion for working out, and pushing myself to be in the best shape possible. After getting to school and training with George Greene for 3 years, I surpassed every weight training goal I had set for myself. His professionalism and preparation for each and every one of my teammates was something unrivaled. Through his programs I became stronger, faster, and when I stepped onto the ice, more ready to outwork my opponent. His attention to detail and enthusiasm in the weight room gave me an extreme amount of confidence, as well as life lessons that I still adhere to today. George Greene’s dedication to pushing an athlete beyond their own expectations is extremely rare, and I was lucky to have him as my trainer. As a former Division-1 and Minor Professional hockey player, training at a high level and demanding the most out of yourself is imperative, if you’re looking to elevate your game Coach Greene will help you do that.”

– Eddie Olczyk
Former Hockey Student Athlete

“I know George Greene as my strength and conditioning coach from my sophomore to senior year at UMASS Amherst. He came in when our last trainer left and took us to a whole new level. He exposed us to drills and exercises along with nutrition tips that we hadn’t known. He took the time to see what we needed individually and as a team. We got stronger, faster, and healthier working with George. Once I left college and went overseas to play professional basketball I could still reach out to him and ask him questions on what I needed to work on, especially things I needed to eat. He was a great trainer, person, and very professional. If you want to be pushed and learn things that you can take with you then you have found the right person.”

– Jasmine Watson
Professional Basketball Player

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with George Greene as my trainer for about 10 years now. I initially met George my sophomore year of high school (when I was 15 years old) at a training facility geared towards hockey players. At the time, I was not sure what I wanted to pursue in college because I was playing 3 sports (soccer, hockey, and lacrosse) and was always one of the smaller/ quicker kids on the field. With that being said George was able to help me train in different ways for each individual sport and help me gain lean muscle mass without hindering my speed (which is something I was never able to do before I met George). Tailoring different sport specific routines and giving me different nutritional plans gave me a huge advantage in each of the sports I was playing at the time. Which in turn, pointed me on the path that I’m on today. Thanks to all of George’s training and nutritional advice I ended up a Scholar All-American playing Lacrosse at C.W. Post – Long Island University. Now as I’m heading off in a different direction with a goal to compete in Physique/ Fitness Competitions, George is once again tailoring an entirely different type of workout routine for me with numerous nutritional plans, and sharing advice to help me reach this new goal. I have to thank George for a lot of what I was able to accomplish athletically in my life and I would give him the highest recommendation possible. Not only is George one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, he has an ability to motivate others like nobody else I have ever seen. If you want someone to push you past your own expectations of what you can accomplish, George is your guy. He’s the only person I trust when I head into the gym.”

– Christopher Ruhlig
Former Scholar All-American Lacrosse Player

“I have had a handful of great trainers over the years, but none that compared to George Greene. If you want to see results in your body and on the playing field then I recommend training with George. Personally, I consider George one of the main reasons I was able to have the successes I did in college. After just 5 months with him, I gained 15 pounds of muscle and broke all of my previous lifting records. My batting average jumped 50 points and I hit 10 more doubles than the previous season without him. The next season, I hit 9 more homeruns than the previous year and broke the school’s home run record. I then signed to playprofessional baseball after my senior year. I directly attribute that to George’s weight training and his philosophy. I still use George’s weight programs to train in the offseason to prepare for spring training. I trust him and everything he has told me to do, and I have only improved. I cannot thank him enough for his contributions to my accomplishments.”

– James Keller
Professional Baseball Player

“A great coach makes you want to continuously improve yourself. Whether it was wanting to impress him, a sense of needing to exceed his standards, or a fear of failing in his eyes, Coach Greene is a fundamental reason I was able to develop as a better athlete. As my strength and conditioning coach he helped me refine my athletic ability in order to throw further in each meet that I competed in.
When I started working with Coach Greene I improved not just because I starting working harder, but I started working more efficiently. My warm ups became more dynamic, I was peaking at the right times of the year, I was becoming more flexible and more explosive.

Before working with Coach Greene I was a guy with every excuse in the book. Having been born with nerve damage in my left shoulder, I had very limited mobility on that side of my body, so I never tried things such as back squatting, power cleans, snatches, etc. Working with him I achieved heights I honestly never imagined I would reach. By the end of my time under his touteledge I was able to bench 360, front squat over 400 pounds, and power cleans over 225. It’s not the numbers that matter though, it’s how that translated into me being faster and more powerful so that I could compete at a level I never thought I could.

I’ve tried a lot of different approaches to increase my strength, but Coach Greene was able to provide one that I saw not only produced results for myself, but results in all the other athletes I saw around me.”

– Christian Hughes
Former Track and Field Student Athlete

“George is beyond ordinary. His knowledge, passion, and dedication helped me grow as an athlete and a person. Before George, I was a good athlete, but it wasn’t until training with him for my last two seasons that I became the best athlete I could possibly be. I have no doubt that George helped me become a two-time All-American, as well as the National Scholar Athlete for two consecutive seasons. I had always worked hard, but George taught me to never be satisfied or comfortable with just being good. He knew what my goals were and made sure that he provided me with the best possible workouts and programs to help me achieve them. Knowing that my effort and work in the weight room would be reflected in every practice and game was something that George instilled in me. He cares deeply about the success of each and every athlete that he works with. Not every athlete can walk away from their career saying that about someone. George is someone who will push you to be the best version of yourself you can be. I could not imagine having a better strength and conditioning coach than George. He is unparalleled.”

-Haley Kane
Former Field Hockey Student Athlete
2x All-American

Coach Greene has been my motivation day in and day out ever since the first day I met him! He started as my trainer at the University of Mary Washington where I played on the volleyball team and he pushed me to levels I never knew I could reach. Every time we were in the weight room the energy level and motivation was unmatchable. My numbers were sky rocketing- I was jumping higher, getting stronger, and playing better than I ever could imagine. He even knew how to cater weight lifting to all the athletes by creating a competitive system to gain points based on max numbers and agility times. He had every athlete in the gym working harder and getting stronger to beat the next athlete in front of them on the board.

Post college I was in a rut after being an athlete my whole life. I was losing motivation in the gym and wasn’t sure what workouts were the best for me, which led me to rapidly gaining weight and finding myself living an unhealthy life style. I’ve been working with George on a personal level for a little over a year now and I look and feel amazing! I’m finally getting back to where I want to be, and unlike most people I actually look forward to going to the gym every day and doing his workouts. In addition, he has helped me with the nutrition side of things which has left me feeling more energetic, healthier and happier than I have ever been. He even manages to text me every week to check in on how the week is going and genuinely cares about parts of my life outside of just working out. George is the man!

– Rachel Hendricks
Former Volleyball Student Athlete

Camp & Clinic Testimonials

“I’ve been coaching for over 20 years and the UMW Strength and Conditioning Clinic was one of the best clinics I’ve attended. Coach Greene and his staff not only presented some of the most up-to-date strength and conditioning techniques but actively demonstrated them with the participants. The staff was extremely knowledgeable, but just as important, passionate, about their subject. They were able to communicate the information in a way that when I left the clinic I was confident I would be able to teach my athletes the exercises that would benefit them the most. I look forward to attending the next clinic and with working with Coach Greene and his staff throughout the year.”

– Jon Phipps
Assistant Football Coach
James Monroe High School

“Coach Greene and the University of Mary Washington Staff have an excellent program. They recently conducted a clinic at my school which included a wide variety of participants, ranging from student athletes with training experience to parents and coaches. They took the time to explain how a program should work and demonstrated the exercises. The clinic was hands on and allowed the participants to perform the movements.

Our student athletes now know what it takes to train like a college student athlete.

I would recommend Coach Greene’s camps and clinics to any school or athlete who is interested in excelling at any level.”

– T.M. Holland
Strength and Conditioning coach
Hayfield Secondary School

“I would like to reach out to thank Coach Greene for the Strength and Conditioning camp he conducted with my AAU Basketball Team prior to our 2015 season. I am so impressed with results we are having due to the sessions we had with you. As the coach I can really see the difference in their body mechanics and flexibility that I did not see before we attended your camp. Unbelievable results. We are currently Ranked #23 in the nation in Div2 AAU Basketball and I contribute so much of that to the shape and conditioning that my players are in. I would recommend Mr. Greene and his program to any parent that is looking to help their child obtain that physical edge in any sport. I plan to bring every team I coach in the future over to work out with Coach Greene prior to every season. Thanks again Sir, the results are amazing.”

– Alex Goodman Sr.
Fredericksburg Heat AAU Basketball Coach

“To the man that made me excited to push my body far beyond what I expected. You’ve been and inspiration inside the weight room. Your energy, focus and attention to every specific detail shows the dedication you put into your work and to every player that you work with! The two years I spent with you was tough, fun and unforgettable!”

– Jaron Cornish
Professional Basketball Player