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As an athlete an “active lifestyle” is an understatement. 3-4-hour practices, lifting, and conditioning are part of your everyday routine. Whether it is high school, college, or professional athletics when your last game comes to an end a lot of things change quickly. Without a proper plan in place the elite fitness level you worked so hard to achieve can disappear quickly.

As your goals shift and competing in your sport is no longer a priority the Life-Long Athlete program will keep you on track to maintain a high level of fitness with your new goals in mind. I am a firm believer in that moving well and moving often paired with healthy eating is the answer to health and well-being long term. Don’t put your feet up for too long after the season is over!

All programs are designed by George Greene, MS, CSCS, RSCC, USAW, ISSA-SPN.

How to get started?

Once signed up you will receive a questionnaire that will cover 3 important areas…


You will be asked to select from a list of fitness goals that match what you are looking for such as; Gaining muscle, losing body-fat, functional strength, endurance, athleticism, powerlifting, and mobility/flexibility. This will help me determine which program is best for you. These programs are sent once per month and goals can be changed anytime.

Injury History

To get an understanding of any limitations and figure out if any modifications are necessary for your program.

Playing Experience

To determine global corrective exercise strategies for common issues seen in each sport. For example, basketball players typically have issues with the ankle while baseball players might have issues with the shoulder.

What you will receive each month?

A Detailed Custom 4-week program specific to your goals

Nutrition tips sent each month

Videos of new exercises included in your program

“George Greene is not only a coach who expects the best from each athlete he works with, but he makes each athlete expect the best from themselves as well. When I played softball at The University of Mary Washington, he changed the way I thought of training.  Each workout with George was an opportunity to push ourselves mentally and physically in preparation for each game. His diverse knowledge of all sports and his attention to detail during each of my lifts gave me the courage to push my body more than I ever have before. His passion in the weight room is contagious and his understanding of each athlete he works with is what separates him from other coaches. He attributed to my decision to become a captain my senior year because of the leadership he displayed and the persevering attitude he advocated to us.

After college, I turned my competitive side away from softball and toward lifting. I wasn’t getting my desired results lifting on my own, ergo George became my training coach again. Working with him individually has been different than as part of a team. The programs he writes for me are specific to what I need to work on and he will notice the areas I need to improve months before I realize it. I have competed in two Crossfit competitions with George as my coach. The first competition I took home 1st place just a month after I started working with him. The second competition I took home 8th place competing in a higher division. I have loved working with him because he takes the time to look up the events and prepares me accordingly for each competition. George gave me the confidence to compete and the groundwork to win.

I have George to thank for my growth as an athlete and as a person. I would not have reached the mental and physical milestones that I have without him.

– Erin Stinson
Former Softball Student Athlete
Current CrossFit and Strongwomen Competitor