Long Island Athletic Performance Clinic

2018 marked the first year for the Long Island Athletic Performance Clinic. This event was started to bring together athletic performance professionals in the tri-state area to share information and help grow the profession. Due to COVID-19 the 2020 clinic will be in webinar format. Please direct message @greenestrength or email at george.greene@stonybrook.edu for login access.

Staff Responsibilities

George Greene: Assistant AD for Athletics Performance

Primary: Men’s Basketball Secondary: FB, WBB, M&W Lax

GC Yerry: Director of Athletic Performance for Football

Primary: Football Secondary: Track and Field

Vincent Cagliostro: Assistant Director for Athletic Performance

Primary: Football Secondary: Injured Athletes, Baseball, W. Soccer, VB

Joe Quattrone: Assistant Athletic Performance Coach

Primary: WBB, Women’s Lacrosse, Tennis
Secondary: Internship Program

Kate Newell: Assistant Athletic Performance Coach

Primary: Baseball, Men’s Lax, Volleyball, Women’s Soccer Secondary: Men’s Soccer, Softball

Joel Lynch: Graduate Assistant for Athletic Performance

Primary: Football, T&F, XC
Secondary: Nutrition Education

Kelly Cosgrove: Graduate Assistant for Athletic Performance

Primary: Men’s Soccer, Softball, Swim,
Secondary: Assist with Baseball and Softball, Fueling Station

Fueling Station

  • Average daily visits=193

  • Open 10am-3pm Mon-Fri

  • Operation overseen by Kate Newell. Managed by 5-10 health science students

  • Corporate sponsors enhance offerings: X-Factor, Jamba Juice. Other items include: Cheese sticks, pretzels, yogurt, and granola bars

  • Offer separate post-workout shakes/bars. If athletes take advantage of both we are guaranteeing two healthy snacks per day.

  • Fueling Station Yearly Cost= $30,000

Nutrition Education

Semester Breakdown (Every other week)

  • Week 1: Overview
  • Week 2: Breakfast lunch and Dinner
  • Week 3: Snacking
  • Week 4: Managing Body Weight
  • Week 5: Cooking at home (Dorm options, crock pots etc.)
  • Week 6: Daily nutrition for competitive season

The addition of Chris Algieri last year significantly improved our nutrition education and we came up with a yearly curriculum to provide to each team. These weekly presentations allowed us to consistently preach sound nutrition habits to athletes  without bombarding them with information. With our GA’s Will Murtagh, and Joel Lynch completing their master’s degrees in nutrition it allowed them to work closely with Chris Algieri and gain practical experience.

Block Zero

  • Used with all incoming freshmen and transfers
  • Foundation and education phase
  • Goal is to create sound movement patterns early on
  • A lot of eccentric and isometric work done during this phase
  • Must pass competency before progressing

Exercise Bank

Squat Pattern: Goblet Squat, Landmine Squat

Hinge Pattern or Hamstring Dominant: DB RDL, Band Pull Through, Lying Leg Curls

Single Leg: BW SL Squat, DB Split Squat

Press Pattern: DB Bench Press, Tempo Push-Ups, Seated Shoulder Press

Pull Pattern: Chest Supported Row, TRX Row, Cable Row, Lat Pull Down, Eccentric Chin-ups

Core: Suit Case Carries, Pallof Press variations, Dead-bugs, Farmers Walks



Quarterly updates, year in review, statistics, & advocate for your department.


Weekly updates, weekly “pop in’s, & formal sheet (see next slide)

Athletic Trainers

Mandatory weekly meeting, daily communication, & combined yearly meeting